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The MBT Program

Better Bulls, Better Bottom Line

Our Goal

Midland’s Goal is to have every bull sold make a positive economic impact on your herd and be backed by a quality-oriented program, a disciplined program that identifies efficiency and real performance. Midland provides the most complete, comprehensive data anywhere… bulls from the top of their weaning group and from top producing cows.

Nearly 50 Years of Performance Testing

The primary reason we have beef cattle is to convert roughage, and identifying the most efficient cattle for this trait provides a great opportunity for ranchers. Of the major performance tests in the Northwest, Midland presently feeds the highest percentage of roughage in its ration, at least 70 percent and usually more while aiming for a 3 – 3.5 pound per day gain. Test bulls are developed in pens the size of a football field over the test course of 120 days to insure sound, functional bulls that have the longevity to stay in breeding programs.

Bulls are weighed on and off test twice for accuracy and weighed twice in between. Reports are generated for each weigh day and mailed out to consignors and prospective buyers. During the test, all bulls are ultrasounded for ribeye, backfat and intramuscular fat scores. Ultrasound data is posted on our website and available in our catalog. Further, all bulls are semen tested and their scrotals measured.

Objective, complete, comprehensive data that includes in-herd and and across-herds information with EPD’s, ratios and actual individual comparisons on test, measuring performance from birth through yearling, and fertility, ribeye and backfat… hard facts for today’s ranchers.

“The Granddaddy of Performance Testing”

In 1962, Leo McDonnell, Sr. started Midland Bull Test with a small group of purebred breeders. This concept of weighing and measuring cattle and publishing the resulting data as far as birth weights, weaning weights, gainability, dam’s production and yearling weights was not met favorably by most of the purebred industry nationally. However, under this constant pressure from the opponents of performance, Midland Bull Test, the Montana Beef Performance Association and several staunch seedstock producers continued to define, refine and promote performance as a primary tool in managing the profitability of a cowherd. Those who have stayed with those initial concepts and philosophies have gone on to be national and international sources of breeding stock. We’re proud to be one of those who didn’t compromise our beliefs or program. Although Montana Beef Performance is no longer in existence, its effect and primary guidelines have continued on and been incorporated, in part, into many of the major breed performance associations.

Proven through competition, Midland bulls are unsurpassed in providing more trait leaders in the major breeds than any other breeder, test station or the combined effort of the major stock shows.

Balanced Performance

Our emphasis continues to be on balanced performance: From sensible birth weights, to early maturity, to functional maternal traits, to economical weights, to compatible carcass merits, to a phenotype that enhances these economical traits.

Considering that yearling bulls bought in the spring won’t sire a weaned calf until the next fall and daughters of these bulls won’t go into production for two years, it is no light matter. Look at the dam production records on the Midland Bulls… it is unmatched. There is no other sale that offers buyers as strong an offering as the composite maternal growth bulls at Midland.

Buyers would have to go to a dozen bull sales or more to find as many top bulls from top producing cows as you will see at Midland in one day. One of the nicest compliments we receive each year from the buyers at Midland is the fact “They can purchase high quality bulls all the way through the sale.” Many of the bulls that sell at Midland would be used to start most production sales.

This is why many of the top performance cowherds, both seedstock and commercial, have been consignors or buyers at Midland… there is a difference.