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Why Bulls from Midland Bull Test “Final Sort”?

  • Only the top 70-80% sell.

    Bulls in “The Final Sort” Sale are TOP END Bulls. The bulls are an elite selection from the get go and they must continue to perform on test.

    • Performance at Midland Bull Test: The bulls are weighed twice on test and off test for accuracy and provide two intermediate weights.  The bottom 20-30% are then culled for gain and 365 Day weight.  Midland Bull Test is the only major performance program to feed a low energy ration.  These bulls are developed on a high roughage ration to remain compatible with our rangeland pastures.  They must hold up; regardless of where they go!
  • The Midland Bull Test Bulls are efficiency tested!

    Each animal is individually tested for RFI (Residual Feed Intake). Midland Bull Test Efficiency Data is held to the highest of standards and overseen by multiple third parties including Grow Safe and University of Missouri.

    • What does this mean to you? RFI is relevant and important to producers as it correlates the pounds of gain to the pounds of intake and therefore the increment cost of gain.  As such, RFI allows producers to determine those individuals who have the capacity to gain quickly and cheaply!
  • Fertility is the cornerstone of any program.

    Midland bull test stresses this trait through scrotal circumference measurements and semen evaluation

  • Each bull is ultrasounded for ribeye, backfat, and marbling.
  • Bulls are clean for genetic defects as identified by respective breed associations. Potential carriers are tested!
  • Bulls are screened on every level – soundness, structure, and disposition!


The information gathered and shared regarding Midland Bull Test Bulls is unbiased and critical to ranchers’ profitability!

The range of quality bulls compared on a level playing field at Midland Bull Test surpasses all performance programs around!

View the progress of the bulls on test!

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