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Happy New Year…

MBT Weights are in…

and we are adding some more functionality to our reports.  Follow the link below and explore the new search options.  This report will be updated regularly as updates on the bulls become available.

GS 1 – 2 IM Report

GS 2 – 1 IM Report

Averages for Group 1 –  2nd Intermediate Weight

Angus –       ADG 3.23  WDA 3.13

Gelbvieh –    ADG 3.28  WDA 3.16

Red Angus – ADG 3.29  WDA 3.18

Averages for Group 2 –  1st Intermediate Weight

Angus –       ADG 3.32  WDA 3.21

Salers –       ADG 3.19  WDA 3.13

Hereford   – ADG 3.18  WDA 2.97

Simmental –  ADG 3.32  WDA  3.26

South Devon Averages will be online ASAP

(Make sure you allow pop-ups, if you use the REG LOOKUP function)

We will have the PDF reports online shortly.


We are constantly getting updated information on the bulls at this time of year from consignors and the breed associations. Check back regularly as we are updating as fast as possible.

We appreciate your feed back – please let us know if we can be of assistance.



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