**Midland Bull Test plans to proceed with having the sales.  We do ask that, for the well being of all concerned, that the time spent at the markets at the sale arena is kept to a minimum.  Midland Staff will be available to assist in anyway we can, loading out bulls, etc. to minimize the exposure risk.  The sales are available online at LiveAuctions.tv and phone bidding is available at the following numbers:

(406) 322-9911 or (406) 322-9044
Northern Video Auction (Sale Day Phone Lines Only):   866-616-5035 or 406-245-0889

Please register before sale day if possible.  If you are feeling ill or having symptoms of sickness, please remain home.  Please continue to check our social media and website for updates.  Thank you for your continued cooperation in these times. **

A proven program measuring the genetic performance potential of individuals or sire groups. Midland Bull Test consistently tops the sales across the United States and boasts a large number of repeat sale buyers who assert the loyalty to proven results year after year. We test approximately 1100 purebred bulls from over 200 consignors representing more than 32 states each year.  These bulls are consigned in the fall to a 120 day performance test (Average Daily Gain, Weight Per Day of Age, UltraSound, Feed Efficiency, and Breeding Soundness).  The top 80% of the bulls are sold in the “Final Sort” Sale in April.

Midland Bull Test is home to the largest feed efficiency testing program in North America. The greatest opportunity ranchers have is in the ability to maximize profits found in incremental efficiency gains as cattle convert roughage to pounds on the scale. Without measuring for efficiency, one is only guessing.  Midland uses the GrowSafe System to simultaneously measure feed efficiency while capturing all other data.

Midland Bull Test consignors reap the benefits of “total performance” bull development. There is no such thing as a gain race here at Midland. We set the bulls up on a level playing field and let the bulls walk the walk. Our facilities and program are designed and built to emphasize the development of calves into sound, functional bulls; ready to go to work.

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