How It Works

Midland Bull Test is a proven program that measures genetic performance potential of individuals or sire groups.  When bringing bulls to Midland, consignors are satisfied knowing that their bulls receive optimal care and attention!  Consignors receive objective and accurate reporting; and reap the benefits of aggressive marketing and promotion.

Midland Bull Test has consistently topped the sales across the United States and is proud of its elite list of MBT graduates.  We boast a large number of repeat sale buyers who assert their loyalty to proven results year after year.  We are a family operation dedicated to the improvement of the beef cattle industry as we identify superior performing individuals and bloodlines within breeds.

We give Midland consignors the benefit of a “total performance” bull development center.  We stay out of the “gain race,” setting up a level playing field and letting the bulls write their own efficiency story.  Midland is the only major performance program feeding a low energy ration.  The greatest opportunity ranchers have is in the ability to maximize profits found in incremental efficiency gains as cattle convert roughage to pounds on the scale.  That’ s where the vast majority of our customers make their living!

Our facilities and programs were designed and built to emphasize the development of calves into sound, functional bulls. Yet, even with our moderate gain program, Midland has provided numerous trait leaders in the major breed sire summaries.  We offer breeders the opportunity to performance test herd sire prospects and progeny groups in an optimal bull test environment!

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If you’re curious how the “Test” works, the entry form is a great place to start. If you have further questions, call us at 406-322-5597 or email us. We’re waiting to hear from you.