Suggested Herd Health

At Midland, we do everything we can to keep your bulls healthy after arrival. Based on historical data, bulls that are on a solid modified live vaccination (MLV) plan typically have a much lower morbidity rate than bulls that have been vaccinated with killed vaccines. This is why we strongly recommend a modified live vaccination (MLV) program. Ideally, each calf should get two doses of MLV vaccine labeled for protection against IBR, BVD 1 & 2, BRSV, and PI3. The first dose should be given 3-4 weeks prior to weaning and the second dose at weaning. Again, it is highly recommended that your calves be weaned at least two weeks and be “bunk broke” prior to being shipped to MBT. Please remember that to be on label, cows also need to be on a MLV program in order to vaccinate their suckling calves with MLV. If you are not on a MLV program, use killed vaccines until you are able to get them switched over.
Please note: Not all vaccines that are mixed together are MLV. You must read the label and consult with your local veterinarian. We have listed suggested vaccination protocols below. Please consult with your local veterinarian or our feedlot vet before beginning any vaccination protocol.

CALVES- Full Fall Weaning Program

2 Rounds of Vaccines

3-4 Weeks before Weaning

  • MLV vaccine for IBR, BVD 1 and 2, BRSV, and PI3
  • Clostridial 8-way vaccine
  • Injectable dewormer (if cattle are located in an area with flukes, use Valbazen)
  • ENDOVAC -Beef ® for Pasteurella

At Weaning

  • booster with MLV vaccine for IBR, BVD 1 and 2, BRSV, and PI3
  • Clostridial 8-way vaccine
  • ENDOVAC- Beef ® for Pasteurella

CALVES-Pre-Weaning Only:

3-4 Weeks before Shipping

  • MLV vaccine for 5 way viral (IBR, BVD 1 and 2, BRSV, PI3)
  • Clostridial 8-way
  • Injectable dewormer (if cattle are in an area with flukes, use Valbazen)

COWS: Suggested Breeding Cow Program

At MBT with have found success with ENDOVAC- Beef ® for cows’ dose twice in the first year (ideally one month apart and annually thereafter.

Spring Pre-Breeding Program (approximately 30 days before breeding)

  • MLV 5 way viral plus VL
  • Oral or injectable dewormer

Fall Pregnant Cow Program (at preg check)

  • L5 SQ (inactivated Lepto)
  • Oral or injectable dewormer